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The Vishnuh-Society tells;




A Javanese proverb says:


"Never be surprised when the truth comes to where you never expected it, and does not expect that the truth will be fun."




 A Life Lesson for the smart


"Arrogance is in the West, the devil's workshop" 


Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Modesty adorns every man, but "arrogance" does the right-minded fellows just some trauma that can work against the arrogant man."










With our grandson Lancar we have earlier in Suriname laughed a lot. Like this one time ... when three in Holland born Surinamese were on holiday in Suriname, they came to Bigi Poika (a place in the interior). Here they have hired a forest Creole as a hunting companion, but these tourists would have no weapons. They found that all unnecessary and gloried in having the jungle knowledge, because they have studied in Holland. The Agroforestry creole kept his mouth shut and took them deep into the forest until one of the three scholars suddenly exclaimed, "look there is a cat walk, I'm leveling pet him."


In no time they were admiring the beautiful shiny black cat. The guide had warned them that they had to stay together because of unseen dangers. When these native guide at any given time, upon hearing a noise behind him, turned and saw the plump scene, the evil was already done. Before he could warn someone of the impending danger, he heard very close a vicious low growl. Without a moment's thought, he chose his heels and left the arrogant gang, the curve "R" Dutch-speaking Surinamese, where they were. He assumed that those stubborn learned gentlemen in diaspora had their own theory for their cuddly behavior. They have yet studied in Europe and by their cleverness probably be able to save themself.


"The agroforestry creole did not count on their protection, but he immediately followed his survival instinct ;  he took off." So, with great haste he moved all running and jumping through the forest, knowing that if he stayed where he was to be handed over to death, who was lying in wait behind a tree and at any time on the invaders, which are in its territory, would pounce upon and deadly strike.


Halfway through his flight, the guide stopped and while he turned, in the distance he heard the "savage snarls" from mother Panther while above the terrifying screams of those tourists, and their cries went to the bone. The maroon which dazzled somewhat on the used complex terminologies throughout the journey by his former clients, thought, "I'm so glad I'm not a keen student, and especially studying in Holland is not a wise idea else was the same thing happen to me now and luckily I have asked those smart professors for payment in advance otherwise I should have fished behind the net.





 Exhausted and gasping the forest creole came running in his village and told his fellow villagers in their own language. Loosely translated; "The scholar tourists have a pussy petted, and the mother cat has mauled them and are now being eaten by her, and oh what could those guys scream!"


 "What was actually said by the guide: Den koni buwiki fu baka kondwe, fasi wan pikin tigi. Fa den kwe mi bwibi ma tigwi kot den skin, na tigi nyan patu. Den baka buwiki fu baka kondwe bin bawi nanga den tongo sote, te mi kon fede. Almost Literally translated; The smart asses from the land of whites (Holland) have touched a little tiger. At their cries, I believed that mother tiger has mauled their body, it is her dinnerpot. That black asses out of the land of the whites shouted a lot with their tongues, I was even afraid of."



.... When we heard his story, we laughed and appetizing tears shots from our eyes without even feeling an ounce of compassion for those unfortunate omniscient tourists.


We lived at the time near the village and have earlier in the day warned those tore professors about the dangers of the jungle. They were mad at us after we refused them access to our village because we are not served by prying eyes. It was close whether these tourists in diaspora had their brutal insistence taste the sharpness of our klewangs (machetes), but our black Jaguar took their brutality for its own account.


That was their comeuppance on arrogance, haughtiness and thoughtlessness! They were omniscient and came from Holland. They did not believe us when we told them on the basis of charity that a black female panther with young cubs walked in the jungle that would nothing and nobody brook in its environment. Unfortunately for the nerds that they were unruly and omniscient and in addition would not listen to good advice.


But the surrounding jungle dwellers saw in this unfortunate incident once again their superstitions supported, that the tourists were taken by forest spirits."


By the Vishnuh-Society












At a time when we were busy at midnight with the collecting of food and goods that were earlier in the day laid out under a big kankantrie tree for the ghosts by a local shaman and his client, we talked with laughter, when the neighboring obiaman with two helpers are just in the middle of the night came by at the conscious Kankantrie tree to catch up his loot.


... Our grandson Lancar (R.R.Purperhart) was only 9 years old and he was there, and he put all the money in his pockets were in an earthen pot among others half cents, two cents, half pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, which we then spending all sorts of school supplies for him and treat as soon as we were in the city of Paramaribo for our monthly purchases.


When our lookout reported that people arrived, three men, we immediately came up with a funny plan to scare them. Indeed, we heard people running and hid in the bushes. We were covered in black so we are difficult to distinguish in the dark. When the native visitors were closer we made a *Yorka-like sound, that is simply "boeeeeeeeee." Those men suddenly stood motionless with fear and at the same time was in our group heard a suppressed chuckle from some members who could hardly contain their laughter. One of us motioned them to be quiet so they restrain their laughter muscles a bit, otherwise goes down the fun, and it's not fun anymore.


Once again one of our repeated an elongated boo sound to get goosebumps, and suddenly ... if it had been a race than the bonuman (read sabiman, Duman) would candidates for the 1st prize. He dashed his two disciples zoeffff over and screamed out in fear and his helpers are back, as if the devil was sitting on their heels. While those three indigenous heroes hurriedly ran away, our grandson Lancar called in his childish innocence with his loud childish voice spontaneously "hello sir you have leave your slippers."


And we shrieked out and each of us had a coughing fit of laughter. Those native sorcerers were terrified of their own spirits. That was fun! It'll have sounded scary for this three nocturnal visitors, a Dutch-speaking child's voice at midnight at their sacred tree, a Dutch-speaking children's minds!


Fair is fair, we have always enjoyed under some Kankantrie trees, especially here in our neighborhood. It surprised us again and again on the multitude of delicacies that were there for the taking. All cooked delicious Surinamese dishes and foods made ​​from cassava, rice and meat, all neatly stored in tightly capped and earthen pots and gourds or bound together in banana leaves. The women in our community were always delighted when we fully loaded our donkey cart with all kinds of goodies came back to our village.  It also saved them a lot of cooking job and it is indeed very tasty when someone else has cooked. There was also plenty of drinking such as whiskeys include Black Cat, White Horse, Johnnie Walker, orgeat syrup and rum. We were stoned, we all have our tastes.


(Ai wi nyan sopi yere! Wi bin drungu yere sisa! En un Sibin yere brada! = Surinam for! We boozed! We were drunk sister! We had a nice greedy dinner brother!)


 So we always make good use of the superstitions of the people to somewhat facilitate our lives in Suriname and to sweeten. What we can also indicate that the meals carefully and hygienically really were prepared by the Surinamese spirit worshipers or their clientele.


... These so-called reconciliation dishes highlight the daily diet of the people involved, mainly from the local Indian people and the communities of blacks among others Maroons and City Creoles (who mockingly Djoeka mentioned in the Surinamese parlance), which under the Kankantrie trees and so-called holy places frequently resign edible food for their ancestral spirits that should bring them happiness ...





But dissociated from the indigenous peoples, one should not mistake the Hindu and Javanese communities in Suriname. These immigrants from Indonesia and India as indentured laborers populated Suriname in the 19th century, they are expert in their guna-guna and unsavory practices black magic. You could almost say because of their seemingly quiet nature, but the latter nations are true experts in the field of mediums and superstition, and above all, master of stupidity and thoughtlessness.


In short, the vast majority of the Surinamese residents is more faithful than the pope. One need only to let out a fart and whalla, it has therefore already prepared a ridiculous statement like this even if it is printed for centuries, as the idiotic statements contained in the Bible, the Koran and the Bagavad-Gita. And edible food as well as the enclosed useful stuff under the sacred trees are meant for it to charm their ancestors which then have their wishes come true, or required to do done by the deceased.


Whether the aforementioned rituals to obtain prosperity and revenge have worked so far is very unclear. As we have seen were / are their alleged contacts with deceased complete nonsense and sorcery only major hogwash. To think of themselves through their own imaginations credulity.


Originally we are also ghost hunters, but our ancestors nor we have never seen a ghost or something of that nature, as it would be actually very good for us if we could settle, as alternation with evil spirits. Namely the Apuku's, Busi-Yorkas, Bakrots, the Assimas, the Kromanti Winti's, and other dubious insane ghost phenomena of the spirit world, who are in the Surinam people's commonwealth and live in the heads of the superstitions or lovers of faith.


What we do know is that members of our village were / are the real ghosts. We have enjoyed a lot together and ate our fill on behalf of the parents of those involved. And until now we have been regularly the spirits of sacred trees, and also when it comes to us well. It is a shame to let spoil all the food  under the trees, that always were deposited by superstitious countrymen, native magicians and their traumatized victims mentioned for bad spirits?


Someone has to consume the food anyway, but not by ghosts, because ghosts do not eat, and who no longer lives can not eat. We find carelessly throwing away food in general is not neat and consider this form of food waste as irresponsible superstitious behavior. As we know, and have often seen how the process from preparation to cooking and preservation of the food for the spirits to pass through the superstitious, it was no problem to put this food edible to eat for us.


It was time again for our big party after visiting such a "sacred tree" as the poor superstitious Suriname wretches pronounce these Kankantrie trees. Most of these spirit worshipers were / are very poor people who barely had anything to eat for themselves and often made ​​to pay debts by their superstitious behavior. 


Thus, these superstitious people were getting poorer and retained no prospect of a good and peaceful life, even now. In fact donkeys are much smarter than this gullible bunch guests.


But we are just dumb and still happily wander off all the sacred trees.






Because of this God-related superstitions of the lion's share of the Surinamese population, including the credulity of the natives, we can therefore not take them seriously nor never be friends with these people, then just limit our relationship to give and take. We live our lives and deal with everyone with whom to trade is.


Furthermore, we do not go out and interfere either with their way of life, as we know from experience that people who believe in a God or in all doubtful minds and nonsensical things and to live by,  are usually insidious, malicious and unreliable as hell.


This false behavior applies not only to our pious Surinam compatriots, but flinched hypocritical behavior in people is worldwide clearly visible. Dealing with this kind of believers is exhausting, it is the beginning for a while, but after a few months arise suddenly unpleasant things in their dealings manner humanly, no way be regarded as reasonable and fair, and all that comes from people that we think we have made friendship and share a country and world together. But, once you pull the conclusion friendship with hypocritical and gullible people is an illusion, because they not only believe in God but also in the craziest things "god impossible."


In our view, the majority of the population is uncomfortable disturbed. This is the result of centuries of oppression and hegemonic belief by their colonial rulers. This faith sustained trauma is later after the abolition of slavery by hypocritical slave children (descendants) and heels licking other species continued as the modern solution for the Surinamese land and people.


Everyone needs to know for himself and lead his own life, and as long as we are left alone, no one has to fear anything from us.




We are members of an order of non-religious citizens of the world and not consider ourselves as individuals, but as part of a group of earthlings. And if it can not be otherwise we willing to engage in self-sacrifice, but as the group benefits. For our brothers and sisters we do it with pleasure. This is, of course, for outsiders, not fine, but they should also, with their hands, stay away from the other.


... We are a large group of people with a sense of responsibility for our community, and for all ages. Therefore  we let us not cowed by no mortal either by government nor authority.


Our ancestors had suffered together in times gone by, the next generations also. They were cautious about taking innocent lives, and the current generation is in their footsteps, and thus will never hurt innocent lives, mentally nor physically for what others have done wrong. But whoever is guilty of a crime against one of us will be fined personally, and not his friend, neighbor or relative. So, not as believers usually do, who if they can not get the right person, they take their friend or another member of the family. That's why we like to erase our individual interest against the interest of the group. This is because we Vishnuïsts are connected to each other, and by our joint suffering, more than related to each other.


The Vishnuh-Society will always be ready for self-protection, and pulling in danger to battle against the common enemy, which is hidden in the malicious, gullible, religious and conceited humanity.


Our ancestors are our noble examples, which at times have sacrificed themselves so that the group could continue to live in peace or could flee safely to preserve life. This is the noble pursuit of a Vishnuïst so that our groups can live on worldwide in all environmental conditions, and as traditionally our common enemy with big steps ahead. We Vishnuïsts, are self-sacrificial and will forever remain so, and who has not learned the lesson of life will eventually die out. No way for us is too long and no mountain too high, for who deserved punishment, will pay before his grave. 





Nowadays still regularly winti and other forest rituals held on eccentric places inside and outside the home of the superstitious Surinamese people. This, for Surinamese holy places, we have carefully mapped out so that each of us knows how to find the way to the Sacred trees and sacred places with ease...


...   Although this kind of spirit worship rituals are at the moment much less than before, we think it is very unfortunate especially considering the fact that we have good benefit from it. Consequently, we are certainly not in favor of abolishing this part of the country folk culture and see this end, to which the people of Suriname does not lose its superstitions in this area by the emerging sobriety of the young generation Surinamese.


But time stands still for no one. We also held our place in it and make the pass for new developments. On the one hand we applaud all the enthusiasm to progress, although other wise our "food trees" now yield less food than was previously the case. Until the 70s it was for us a pretty good time, and we desire almost at everything still a bite of it!





* What is a Yorka?


In the winti Christianized culture of creole or Ndjuka (read Djoeka) community of Suriname is the spirit of a deceased person "Yorka" mentioned. In the course of history, many freed slaves peoples during and after the abolition of slavery cobbled their own religion together from existing fables, fairy tales and strange religions. They have taken the example of the church and created their own religion.


What or Who is a Djoeka? 


... The word "Ndjuka" was originally a term of abuse, which in Suriname originated during slavery and means "Jews Shit" Ndju = Jew, derived from the English "Jew" and "Ka" is Surinamese for "shit" (derived from the Dutch word "kak")So the Negro population of Suriname was then called "Jewish poop" by their cruel white Christian masters, because this negroid people were often used in the slave period for the removal and emptying the shit tons of the Jews and other white colonialists. This was quite pathetic and degrading for the parents who have had to deal with this. Unfortunately scold the modern descendants of these former Negroes together for Ndjuka to humiliation of others of their own species. The current term of abuse that her origin derived from the slavery era, is nowadays as normal usage experienced by the Surinamese community in the broadest sense.


What is the difference between a Creole, Forest Creole and Bush Negro?


... A Creole is a mixture c.q. descendant of a white father and a black mother. This breed originated from the earliest days of slavery in which men and women were separated and mutually could not have intercourse, unless the master needed new slaves; the strongest negroes were then used as sires. But for the rest, only the white masters were allowed to have intercourse with their female slaves. And so these black women were raped at will for centuries by her white masters before the male black slaves were given general permission to reproduce with their own kind.


These children as a descendant of the white fathers were not recognized by their causative agents, but they had over other slaves a better life. To this end, they lived in the yard near the house of their boss and got jobs as domestic servant, coachman and foreman. The latter eagerly wielded the whip against the unfortunate slaves who were forced to work in the vegetable gardens and plantations. Furthermore, these Creoles particular have played a major role in the cruelly sentences of imprisoned runaway male and female slaves. Especially the female slaves had the most suffered of these creoles, who were ordained by their white fathers as stallions. And the black women had to do this, or by voluntary surrender or cruel rape under extra-proportional violence by their creole rapists. And their masters, who stood there, watched whether their human abusive instructions were properly executed by their bastard sons.


But despite their vantage point the creoles were considered as dirty bastards and as despicable scum by white domination. Most of these urban Creoles felt superior to the slaves, they were after all their executioners. In addition, they did everything to favor their master; this is "make white feet" of distracted. These Creoles told on everything that was wrong in their eyes to their white masters, who was also their father. Also, they often lied to everything and regularly made false allegations against the slaves to get more respect and were as corrupt as their masters as well. And when the colonies became independent, most people of Suriname were again faced with a dictatorial and corrupt regime and large classes differences, where a small group of very wealthy advantaged (immigrants) and descendants of the whites (the city Creoles), rule over a very large group of people who can hardly meet the basic necessities of life. Namely their Heads of Government have been copied from the colonialists and unfortunately also inherited their bad manners.


And a Bush Negro other hand, can consider himself as a direct descendant of runaway slaves, the Maroons. A large part of these progenies was transferred to Catholicism after the abolition of slavery, and saw the collaboration and mingling with the city Creoles as a solution to their isolated and impoverished existence. Herewith is the era ushered in a new hybrid race - Bush Negro mix with the City Creole. For example, the Bush Creole arose. Nowadays, forestland creoles are recognizable by the chain on their neck with a big or small cross, mostly young people who are badly affected by their elders and continue the tradition of ancestral betrayal from ignorance and thus continue to spread the divine devil in their ranks that In the future, will make more victims among their offspring, so that the biblical curse remains as a never-ending disease. So unscrupulous!


Thus, this new type of people, "the Bush Creoles', their residence situated near the inhabited world, and is then absorbed into the colonial system to get better from there. To this end they have moved gradually fellow peers to theistic belief, customs and traditions of their ancestral murderers and encouraged mingling with the Creole community. It is therefore not surprising that most of these bootlikkers have a church in the middle of their community in the forest and their lifestyle, customs and ancestral customs, blended with white customs and habits.


This development, above human types and their behavior is in antithesis to the deep in the jungle withdrawn Maroons as pure descendants of runaway slaves, who never is associated with the Creole or the white community, nor with their religion or with the colonial system. This group is still alive as of old with their ancestral values deep in the interior of Suriname and Brazil. Although, in the past century, these black natives have contact with the outside world for various reasons, they are still their ancestral way of life remained faithful. These are the real Bush Negros, the Maroons, who may rightly regard as originating from the runaway slaves, which their ancestors, deep in the jungle, have created their own language with what they have managed to maintain during the initial period of their fatherland, and is blended with the colonial influences of that time.


Although most Bush Creoles and City Creoles are carbon black, black, dark brown or light brown, they have more or less white blood flows in their veins. It is no wonder that a large part of the forest and City Creoles has the medieval Dutch lifestyle and behavior, among others; they do not take it so closely with cleanliness, even though there is plenty of water; they usually stingy towards their own kind, but to outsiders they are generous, helpful and good-natured. In addition, they prefer exploitation of their own species, and rather make them crawl wherever possible, but towards others who do not deserve they are good and caring. Furthermore, they are awkward and thinking, knowing much better than the other. Furthermore, they have a morbid tendency to betray others locally and are as hypocritical as hell. 

... And the sad thing about all this is the invisible twist in their brain because they have an inner glowing hate, to white people, but when they confront whites, they show the "white fear"; This is submission and slimy behavior toward whites. So downright hypocritical, just as the white majority is shod in the Western world. Apart from the fact that they are diligently adhering to the white religion and even more religious than the Pope, because they adore the religious teachings of the murderers of their ancestors as if it is theirs, they are somewhere totally convinced that they are white, despite their black / brown color. The latter can be deduced from their behavior and their way of thinking and acting.


This nation of slaves has her new religion laced with the already existing stories of her former masters, and it completed with its own fish-tale, and then whatever they found useful cast for her new religion in a headstrong African-Surinamese jacket.

 And this new self-created winti religion today still supplemented with various items by so-called shamans ie witchdoctors, wearing a variance to fanciful profession titles include Obiaman, Bonuman, Duman, lukuman, piyai Inghi, Wisiman, etc.


So the Surinamese Winti culture, nowadays known as "Afro-Surinamese religion" is a hodgepodge about anything that fits within the sphere of influence of this nation.

Even though this traumatized Surinamese Negroid people believed holy in her fanciful ancestral tradition that for a tiny insignificant little relation to reality, including that her ancestors come from Africa so it should all said and that her woven together religion, winti- religion, in essence, is generated largely from third parties, and in particular of the settlers. This is no wonder, as they unfortunately from their former colonial masters, they got it in the neck.


The word "Winti" is derived from the "Hollandsche wind" (note, spelling ne 1914), later this term in the Surinamese popularly known as spirit or woodland or nature spirit. Later this originally Dutch word has taken on a life of its own in the Surinam language, rituals, prayers and customs.


 The Surinamese Maroons and the Creole population have gradually Surinamese history all figured together for their winti religion. Here are the Surinamese thus gradually developed all sorts of theories and rituals, as coming from their African ancestors, while the majority of the Surinamese Winti civilization and exorcism culture is fictitious according to biblical rituals and prayers, on pure superstition and a large dose of primitive idiocy.


The Winti theories are ridiculous in one word, and the spirit tales that are incorporated may be laughable. This does not mean that this part of the Surinamese black people is not very resourceful and creative.


Although it's all bullshit is what asserts the Surinamese people around her Winti pursuits and Winti religion, that largely primitive and own refounded imitation of the religious culture of their former colonial masters, it is still very entertaining to this to be recalled .

  In our eyes are the most hilarious and comical, but admirable performances to see how these Christianized Surinamese superstitious negro population, do through dance, song and variety hastily assembled primitive antics their utmost to make its cultural inventions and winti religion believable, which she has already set put in book form and fully completed by a winti dictionary...


Obia show 1  https://youtu.be/-ClTHkZK6G8



The preparation:

Before a medicine man begins to his obia off winti show, it usually pours himself first secretly completely full of alcoholic drinks including whiskey, casiri or home-brewed beer. So these medicine men have their fellow villagers also learn boozing with time. It is within the Surinamese community known that most of the witchdoctors do eagerly feasting on hallucinogenic plants (Marihuana c.q. Canabis Sativa) and mushrooms (fungi). Furthermore, they all have their own fanciful obia rituals and attributes.

... And once they are drunk and in a daze or stoned, then very quickly they speak or mumble their made-up spells in completely unintelligible gibberish (their so-called Kromanti = wizard language) actually just drunken language, but in the Surinamese or what passes for their feelings as ancestral negro language.


Usually witch doctors do not even know what they are spouting in the round ie spouting in their drunkenness, but explain their Kromanti language, nor do they do so. Their customary interpretation is this, that it is the language of ancestral spirits. And questions like; what kind of spirits speak Kromanti-language, what are they, exactly where these spirits live, and where is the spirit world located? For these and other questions apply to these witchdoctors as standard; "Goodness only know!"


So through the conscious use of drugs and alcohol, they get into a trance (trance). In this state of ecstasy they are in their rituals always beastly wild and reckless in their dance improvisation; they stomp really hard with the feet and jump like crazy in the round, even they feel little or no pain in burns that they incur and other physical injuries, they bring themselves during their crazy antics with blunt machetes or by others for this very purpose groomed cutting objects and protrusions. Some witchdoctors die within a reasonable time after they have consumed during a bonuman show in their toughness pieces of glass. In the forest walk no surgeons around which can quickly perform an operation. By that time a patient reaches this town is long deceased from his injuries. Own fault.


And applies to all, also in this case; "The lame horse only comes back." Only when a witch doctor to sober up, he feels the pain and he takes care of his wounds. But other people do not see, because the witch doctors keep their injuries jealously secret, because imagine if we found out that one is fooled by someone who calls himself for his daily bread obiaman, this shaman may have forgotten all future practices. The Bonuman, Duman whether the Du-woman would then have no revenue and no one would be more to worry about such bonu- professional..

... All the above elements are the prerequisite for an impressive performance full of madness and folly.


Although all obia masters rub themselves beforehand  with a resin substance, which after drying as a sort of hard plastic protects the body and soles of feet to prevent severe bodily injuries, their dance is still often in physical injury because they often exaggerate during their obia -show and thereby damage the resin layer which they had applied in advance on the body for their purposes. 


... And in order to camouflage the resin layer, the places on the body, which are provided with a resin layer, is usually covered with a layer of powder which remains adhering to the resin layer.


"It is unlikely, but some insiders have claimed that there are obia men whose soles of the feet provided with a thick callus layer,, which painless as the hooves of a horse, can be fogged by a farrier. Whether the latter is true, we can not agree, because none of our society ever has seen a man with such a thick stratum corneum under his feet, similar to that of a horse, as is claimed in the Surinamese interior by Obia fanatics." 


This self-prepared powder also ensures that the blood, caused by damage to the skin or the body, solidifies and thus the wound is invisible. Thorns, glass shards and the like will always remain in the skin during the obia show of the forest magician, and they will be removed only after the show is over, otherwise the audience will see that it's all fake and the so-called magic masters by their spirit show no be immune, but just could be injured and bleeding like a slaughtered ox..


... It is also surely all instructive, fun and comical to see, and laughter is healthy. The latter is especially true when one sees how a bonuman spirits exorcist, who is a specialist among specialists, the demons of his gullible client casts. And this exorcism done always under the watchful eye of a skilled, dedicated and cold-blooded female assistant, who must ensure that the exorcistisch ritual is performed correctly by the attending physician. As it turned out, the patient in the next movie, unfortunately, did not survive his bonu-treatment by the experienced naturopath (bonuman). See the movie about this.


See : https://youtu.be/9XlqjWQspxM


..As you have seen, it Is very barbaric, cruel and very painful, often clients of such specialist killed by the treatment. When a client dies during an exorcism is true then the statement "the evil spirits were driven out of the man, but he / she has unfortunately not stand the exorcism and therefore gave up the gost (so died)." It is in these parts quite normal, and in Suriname no one looks here on...


What also makes me always amazed at a obia show is the imperturbability of the bystanders, who go so deadly serious in this superstitious spectacle and conduct themselves accordingly.


See Obia show 2  https://youtu.be/uRxYUzGJ7BM


I have earlier, more often wondered about whether we were the only ones who are so skeptical about this kind of thing. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Today it is quite clear to me that there are a lot of people in the world in all languages, races and nations who think, live and feel just like us (or Vishnuh-Society.)

I once attended a obia show in the company of a group vishnuïsts. During the show came all those Negroes performed so overwhelming to me that I still wanted to know the details of it and asked an experienced looking Obiaman who armed with a machete in his hand ran growling past us, to grind his machete for him and I can deal with it to attack him so one can see that the spirits where he campaigned for would indeed protect him when in reality would be hacked at him.


... If it is true that these obia negroes by whom winti and obia spirits are immune against, including bullets, bows and against all kinds of objections and insert objects - and firearms, we would irrevocably us diligently engage in obia and winti spirits . They can be useful in a fight regarding inviolability.

... However, the bonuman could visibly not appreciate my suggestion and remark, he did not argue, but allowed me a penetrating look and walked suddenly pissed off, knowing that if he would say something hateful to one of us death would look him straight in the eye.

... The Vishnuh-Society is basically not joke with this kind of disturbed local residents. When the relevant Bonuman at that time observed my group, he immediately understood that my question, not as a joke was intended, but serious. The Maroons are bloodthirsty, robust, strong and resentful. These are the main reasons why the society does not take half measures if they disagree with these people, but immediately attack at the slightest sign of danger, so that the enemy has no opportunity later to take revenge.


... The Vishnuh-Society acts, according to its sense of belonging and unity with nature, so hard but fair to all and every living being. Also, "we" have the right as everyone else to be allowed to live on this earth in the line of our ancestors so that we freely and without having to look back to go quietly on with our daily lives and social activities.

In the interior of the Amazon one only knows the laws of nature, they are dying or surviving. Except for the friendly tribes and stray nomads who live there and wandering, is "watch out" for every jungle dweller the best counselor and also by always take caution with whom one maintenance contacts , because in this abandoned forest areas is no better law enforcement then you and the community in which one lives.


Each time it is found that by her idiotic superstition, these native people react very unexpectedly and in our experience they are also not completely reliable in dealing with fellow jungle dwellers. It is at these natives not easy to discover when they feel okay and if it is a joke, because they normally come back to a quarrel when one thinks that it has long been finished.


It is socially responsible to be boldly and definitively towards everyone in the jungle in order to protect their own community against unpredictable jungle residents. Most are in our opinion just insane in their living behavior and who wants to live in between and do not want to be scaring must be crazier than they are.


Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

"Man is the biggest and most dangerous predator, who walks on this earth."



To return to my story; the witch doctor, whom I had spoken about my proposal on the truth of his obia spirits that supposedly could make him immune to pain and injury on the body, realized immediately who he was dealing with.

 According urban insiders, it is rustic and cozy in the deep interior, where one has to rely mainly on their own, while the reality is poignant, bitter and unfriendly.

 The Vishnuh-Society always stands up for its members and its opinion, and if danger threatens her she acts appropriately and ruthless to survive life. In order to survive in the jungle, the following elements together form the law of survival, which the Society and its members as traditionally uses against fellow jungle dwellers, which includes;-

a. - Arguing is always allowed, because debate is everybody's fundamental right;
b. - Talking and cursing do not hurt;
c. - But keep in all your hands off us, for who raises his hand to physical humiliation of the other, giving up his own life through the gesture.


Fighting we do only in private life, but only to control our animal movements and fighting techniques found in our survival doctrine. We do not hit each other, because beating is a sign of disrespect, but we practice with each other and outside our habitat we practice for self-defense Pencak-Silat warfare. And Pencak-Silat, is designed for the battlefields, for a fight to the death. This combat doctrine for us is the ultimate way to ensure our safety in traffic with our whimsical fellow neighbors in the forest.


We also meet regularly incidents that right-minded people would belong to pity, but that were not worth the effort to deal with it, because the human suffering caused by the mindset of the perpetrator (s) and carriers on ancestor worship is still not permeable to their brain and to date not yet.


In other words; the carriers, these are the victims, let prefer killing and raping at will, instead of wanting to realize that they are physically and mentally severely abused by the perpetrators, these are the so-called wise men / women of the village headman, obiaman and soothsayer. Both parties are convinced that they alone, by applying the procedure to grant the healing of their ancestors, will physically recover both mentally from their alleged possession or doubtful disease.


It is deeply sad, but this is so far still the case. People who have been brought up with superstitions are not changing and unreliable. And whom with what good intentions whatsoever to help victims out of their misery, or thinks he can interfere in their ancestral barbarous people use, the risk of being regarded as an evildoer, and will surely be punished by death.


The Vishnuh-Society is basically helpful, but what use is it to provide assistance to other people who not wish to be helped? The society has no guilt for, so she has no reason to be afraid of something or someone. And because there is little to do in the jungle around us, we'd invite ourselves when another barbaric opportunity arises in our welcoming bush neighbors, which we view as a welcome addition and a funny experience in our jungle existence. And always with full interest we look towards entertaining the bonu-operations of our black neighbors, where, despite their hospitality, sometimes get the feeling that they would rather see us actually going than coming.


We regularly during their seances given the convulsions of laughter through their comical to us, therapeutics, the Maroons have never visibly disturbed at. They stoically doing what they should do for their healing procedure on the patient, if it is a delight. The Vishnuh-Society is known as a cheerful community so no one is offended by the laughter of its members, which is very intense as the expression of the repressed pain of the victim during his treatment clearly on his face can be seen.


These negroes remain serious in their carnage, it is quite normal. And after their remarkable bonu-therapeutics, the victim and attending physician of our community always gets a well-deserved standing ovation, which they never responded, not even a sign of thanks. And every time we return look to this, we declare that we do not feel offended about their ingratitude, because we certainly have had a lovely afternoon and for the record the show master and his bruised and beaten victim thanks for the obia performance.


... Again the Vishnuh-Society does not laugh at people. People laugh mockingly involves oblique ulterior. No one is more or less than you and it's not nice and neat to laugh at people. People also mocking laugh was nasty but smile at is healthy and contains positivity and sympathy for others and his thing, and therefore humanly allowed. One should never make fun of people for their use or whatever, but smile at people is a sign of sympathy and social understanding. Therefore, we can laugh freely to all, without cherish evil intentions to others, not even for his use, habits and customs. Well, believers are "crazy guys", and perhaps, they think the same of us!


From Generation to Generation


The first generation of African ancestors hundreds of years ago were brought to land by colonialists in Suriname and elsewhere in South America were the pioneers of blacks, who were forced by various forms of human rights violations by the pious world domination to put on sackcloth.


These Negro slaves, who at the African coast were sold by their African brothers to white traffickers had in the country where they were brought ashore, no alternative but to find their own way, by fleeing from their evil Christian masters or by becoming vested and die in their miserable fate. These black people were the first Surinamese people of African descent, particularly the "past glory", which literally had to endure all hardships and whose blood flowed copiously in Suriname, and all this against their will.


... And the current hopeless remnants of slavery, which at this time, arbitrarily call themselves Surinamese now wander still around in a haze of folly, based on the ignorance of the fourth-generation ancestor, with the result that their progenies are repeating cases and threaten to get stuck here. Here they will linger as long as there indeed from among them no attempt is made to improve their position and realize that they are sinking deeper and deeper into their own shit in spite of their many prayers and religious fanaticism, thanks to God.


This religious tradition of the current Surinamese people is not her straight from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation ancestors, but today's religious tradition by Surinamese is left as a legacy of their colonial past, especially of the fourth generation Christianized ancestors .


... This 4th generation, out of personal interest unconsciously or consciously, not learned from the past, but was incorporated into Catholicism and colonial policies of their former oppressors. These have their progenies pass this bad upbringing and religious trauma and then continued by their children, leaving the Surinam Negro population stuck in the present with the past and so far has remained backward and traumatized.


Unfortunately also the progeny of the original inhabitants of Suriname, the Indians, not escaped colonialism and Catholicism. Later immigrants as a farmhand brought their own religious idiocy to Suriname, Hinduism and Islam, and permanently settled, which are absorbed by colonialism, and gradually their former evil given its own form, so that the Surinamese in general has become as a nation governed by all kinds of traumas and which most can not wake up because of pressure from their immediate environment, most of which deliberately does not want to wake up out of laziness and personal interest. 


... And despite the few opportunities they are offered by the society in which they live in order to develop further socially, most vestiges of slavery have unfortunately little or no enthusiasm to learn more, because the majority spins nowadays aimlessly in their own circle in which "progress" and "forward thinking" are still taboo and where unfortunately their progenies could possibly be penalized if they do not use their minds in the future, but end up in the same rapids their ignorant educators also befallen. .....



... "Pain" means for countless indigenous peoples in general, a traditional phenomenon that of childhood is cast in person. They are not aware of the present sadomasochism in their ranks


Regarding religious experience and ancestor worship can Sadomasochism by many indigenous peoples are taken into account as a result of impaired development of human interiority, originated in an educational infant stage, used by ancestral, tribal traditions and habits within their own culture.


... Because every human being carries within itself the tendency to submission and tend to dominance, the sado-masochistic behavior is a cultivation of these primal urges.


... "Feel comfortable" when receiving pain and torture, so sadomasochism, is not genetically determined and should not be regarded as a kind of disease that is curable because accepting pain perception within the circle is incarnate in the culture, in the humans and the environment in which one lives. Think for example of prayer rites, which bring the pious man often much deeper sinking in their misery, instead of healing, improvement and joy for those that seek and do not get, but nevertheless still stubbornly linger in their religious nonsense.


In many primitive cultures, the body is analogous to tradition, maimed in one way or another because their religion requires them. In addition, there are global tribes that hurt themselves or punishment by self-mutilation, in order to enforce the favors of a deity or forest spirits of their ancestors..


In some cultures it is customary to the earlobes or other body parts to stretch as much as possible, because the more they are stretched the more beautiful it is found. Some tribal people often acquire prestige in the village community. Not only do women wear earrings in the earlobes, but also men, some also do everything to make them longer or larger. In some tribes it is customary to hang weights on the lobes so that they can grow to unusual lengths. It suits their religion, folk beliefs or tribal custom and traditions.


Today self-mutilation, such as piercings, tattoos, etc., widely used by people from all alloy, not because they belong to a specific culture or be subject to a deity, but simply because they find it personally very beautiful.


... Also obia rituals and spirit exorcism identify with receiving and inflict self injury, where pain, torment and submission play an important role, as the submissive feelings that one has to dominance, which one takes for granted the associated pain, even if the rituals pass into mental harm and physical suffering to death. 


 See a film about a good example for "Pain is Pleasure" in the Hindu religious culture, which compared the exorcism "Pain is Fine" has many similarities with the obiaman in the Surinamese culture. Although the circumstances of the rite, of these two cultures become differentially expressed from every background and his perspective is their rationale same, this is "have fun" with the infliction of - and receiving pain ": https://youtu.be/bcH5LS6rlqQ



Sometimes it is sad to see and to hear how fantasy and reality are interwoven into utter confusion in a lifetime, but it is no one to dust off prohibiting ancestral transfers nor to stop, even if people acting or behaving in the eyes of the other, based on Delinquency, backwardness and ignorance. Finally, everyone should know it for themselves.

One must let everyone in his or her value, even if this implies a visible wall where one anyway runs smack against it; but laughter is healthy.  https://youtu.be/AlTG93lxgnk  &  https://youtu.be/Ry1jhKV4MXY

 Besides all this, the otherwise severely traumatized Surinamese believers believe except only in a fantasiegod but also in the most idiotic things that only exist in their heads. Most of these people are actually mentally ill who have professional help should be offered.   https://youtu.be/YxcX2tH7hQA 



.... On the other hand, unfortunately, a legion of people in most urban dwellers, the so-called civilized, in their quest for spiritual peace and revenge against their former partners, churches, etc, carefully brainwashed by religious institutions and religious parties. In addition, these figures also play in handy on the social and spiritual confusion of their converts with their crazy stories! "This can be seen in the videos below!"  

1. https://youtu.be/_2E7bSlM8vw  

... In addition, shifting converts their respective satyriasis, nymphomania, obia scam and their other former evil way of life, eagerly to their superstition to have been as if possessed by some dubious Apuku or winti spirit or similar and have converted themselves into a belief in God in order to justify their past evil error.

... This former sinners behave suddenly as the lost innocence, which are supposedly freed from the devil by the church and Jesus. In addition, most villains of this opportunity created by, as icing on the cake, to act as a herald of the new gospel and thus re-god found their mission to suppress fellow men. This kind of wavering behavior not only concerns Surinamese, but superstition and defection also occurs in world peoples in other countries, all races, tribes and communities. And are afflicted with religion and primitive idiocy leads to subjugation and destruction of all life on this earth. 


How pious the mind, the bigger the beast!

 2. https://youtu.be/MWTokWibQjg  


... Watch the following video on the conversion propaganda and sickly intrusiveness of religious visionaries, sectarian movements and cunning religious organizations that act as a conduit of the established world religions, to indoctrinate fellow men manage and keep stupid and retarded.



3. https://youtu.be/d6sIhW-mFi4


4. https://youtu.be/cHJTwqAJTdQ



"See for more of this Biblical foolishness.



1. https://youtu.be/K7aaaZa50E0



2. https://youtu.be/NNshZ_Lf5GI



3. https://youtu.be/DFdJgt9HrMw



Of course there are plenty of examples of individuals in the Surinamese society who think just in their sobriety and to break a lance for someone/something, which, unfortunately, are surrounded by the dominant religion class that their honest opinion is not declining in gratitude and very soon unfortunately experienced the flip side of the coin in their lives says will be silenced and forced to further consolidate the views of the religious society. See the following movies:


https://youtu.be/XOs_Ft98Ars  &  https://youtu.be/ngC1KtCd4-s



The reality in this time!


A. The Vishnuh Society has no respect for any religion, because how can we give respect to religions, who are the inventors of hypocrisy, lovelessness, genocide, discrimination, oppression and selfishness?
B. ... In addition, the Vishnuh Society does not reverence institutions that consolidate and spread a religion that has promoted subjugation, domination, unscrupulousness, division, and has caused misery and divide for humanity as well as the cause Of mutual wars, peoples hatred and genocide, and yet, and of all kinds of worldwide human rights violations on behalf of their God.
C. Furthermore, the Vishnuh Society does not respect people who regard their religion as their cultural heritage because they are followers of misery, cruelty, war, caste system, poverty and oppression, and often aware, or unconsciously, to keep their offspring stupid to conceal their backdrops in a haze of piety and ancestral tradition, which will always degenerate in misery for their descendants and other fellow people.
 Furthermore, the Vishnuh Society of the under A, B & C can not say anything about "letting them in their value", since there will be false value. And anything contrary to humanity is worthless.
But the Vishnuh Society has great respect for all living beings as part of the wild nature. The Vishnuh Society rather says everything honestly and sincerely and can not slam with fellow human beings.
Thus says Vishnuh's teaching:
"For whoever respects his fellow human beings will always say the things they are, because it is a big crime to keep back and to mislead fellowmen."
Furthermore, the Vishnuh Society will never deal with the religious world on the grounds that it respects her or not. This is because the Vishnuh Society does not pay attention to the way in which religion deals with respect to dissidents, since religiously-related organizations / institutions / churches and religiously-malicious people have never demonstrated the intention of understanding respect and therefore never knew respect.
And when there were in the past hypocritical churches and people in respect, it seemed to be falsehood, for those who, in the name of their fiction, have wrought wars and fooled fellow men, harassed or massacred over the centuries to become number one in the future, are unreliable and at all times not trusted. These will repeatedly be repeated in many respects, presenting themselves in many charities with seemingly peaceful purposes, and all this to insult the innocent humanity so that no distinction is made between good and evil, causing these two extremes to turn into a gambling element for the hopeless and ignorant person.
Thus, the religious world can not respect another because of the "religious curse", the "inheritance", which continues and is incarnated in their ranks. To this end, refer to the religious misery of the past and its transmission to the present.
Actually respect for his fellow human beings is: "Destruction, and the fire in all religious books or religion, so that all the baddies ever created by malicious people using their delusional Bible, Quran, Thora, Bhagavad-Gita, Tripitaka, Sectar creations , Etc. all belong to the past. Who wants to achieve world peace, harmony, equitable distribution and equal rights for all people, has to restart with a clean slate.
One should not wait for the one who first puts his armor on the ground, but by shedding his own religious courage with respect for everything that nature has ever produced and still produces as the creator of everything that has lived, lives and Still have to live. Honor to whom honor.



The Gods are intimate friends with each other


"Throughout the world, all gods have something in common, thanks to their origin from a localized or foreign religious belief, so all gods are made for image and likeness. The one deity that one entails in his imagination is no different or better than the deity of Another fellow human being.


Thus, religious humanity adores gods whose evidence of their "imaginary existence" can only be projected through the imagination world. Depending on the place of birth, children are confronted with local habits, practices and rituals. The beliefs that a person has been walking around since childbirth are based on "imitation knowledge, imagination, and impatient backdrop", not on facts and circumstances.


Everything also depends on the place of birth, no matter where in the world, but the biggest problem is that the majority of humanity does not want to know the truth. And who does not know what "awakening" means, experiencing his living world from a dream consciousness, in which fantasies, dreams and imagination are in charge of the mind.


It is a convicted fact that sleep is the friend of death. It is no coincidence that a large number of primitive religions recommend their adversaries narcotic drugs to keep the capitulated man sleeping. In some cultures, dances are initiated (for example: Surinamese Wintidance) to cause trances, and from this the modern world makes the use of hypnosis today.


Calling fellow people to reconsider and face reality is not always understood. On the other hand, the fact that those who live on the assumption live stable and strong in life and have them under control, usually from selfishness, do not think that realism can be interpreted in many ways.


And who once nestled in the mindset of the church / mosque or any other prayer house or religious tradition is often no longer convinced of his unequality because a believer of any church or religious beliefs believes that their beliefs are always right and Therefore follows the orders of their Holy Woof ...


... And if everything goes as desired, there is no reason to complain, but as soon as the man is in need, most of the believers usually stumble over their own interpretations of God's existence or abandon themselves into surrender in sadomasochism (this is Have pleasure in receiving pain, either spiritual or physical.) For, claim many, it is supposedly their Karma written somewhere in the book of their cruel, inhuman and merciful God. It is God's will, so the suffering person must not complain about what he or she enters into life, so live on with it, seek no betterment in diseases, but soon die and suffer the most terrible pains caused by the environment or by family On behalf of the god who is worshiped.


Looking to complain and cure, in case of illness and pain, actually goes against the will of God and contains an outrageous form of ungratefulness, because God has not just made that religious person sick? But "He, She or It" wants him / her as soon as possible, so that God's physically and mentally harassed person can act as a building block in Heaven for his new palaces.


And in general, that (devil) God of one people is always true and better than the god (s) of all the other peoples. No wonder today there are thousands of religions and sects in which every group lives in the deceit that it has with the True God, or True Gods.


In general, no one wants to hear that his or her choice is not right, but humanly, no one is entitled to push his opinion to the other. However, some religious groups still allow the freedom to completely overcome it and randomly express their opinion to others as if their lives depend on it, as if their truth is the TRUE, while their truth is equal to "carrying water to the sea" Which involves the incarnation of retardation and religion idiotery ...


... People calling at "God's blessing at every impeccability, or baptizing other spells of biblical madness, to be found holy and sweet are usually the greatest devils and insults that, if there were a God, would immediately be despised and destroyed by that same God . There are exceptions that confirm the rule that it may also be different, because there are also good-natured people in this world who, despite their evil beliefs, are able to give their fellow human beings a good life by their own good-natured nature. Unfortunately, humanity usually experiences its perception world as very normal, because it combines good and bad fraternity, making it difficult to distinguish between who is good or bad with the other. The spirit of time is the only factor of life and invisible but trustworthy friend, who gives insight into the wise person and learns who is good or bad to the other.


... On the other hand, "God Bless" has been a swear since ancient times, that for centuries and so far through ignorance and willful intentions, traditionally has been transmitted by the religious rule of law. In addition, the word "God Bless" remains a trauma in those countries where the term is often used by those peoples who were literally and figuratively tortured by the whip. These include Brazil, Surinam, Colombia, The Netherlands Antilles, etc., and unfortunately still live in the Middle Ages, complete with the medieval barbaric behavior of their former Christian cruelty rulers, who called Godbless after each whip of their victim to selfish Indemnify, by interpreting their cruelty as god's sake.


... Today, the present generation of the above-mentioned countries runs very parmantically with a cross on their neck, which are more or less unaware that they continue a religious tradition of curse and oppression.


... This mentioned word (God Bless) of cursing, which is a fiction of the church, has traditionally only caused misery and will always bring misery for those who believe in it. God Bless and other supposedly well-meant biblical terms, which are widely used today by the faithful mass, include a curse to those who pronounce them, instead of emphasizing peace, love and happiness for themselves and for others. Look carefully and critically to the current world around you and judge yourself from a neutral perception. 


... "God bless", or (in dutch) "God Zegene" say to another, comes down to an illusion of wishes for his fellow men, because God who is a fiction of evil humanity does not exist. See: (http://www.neonnettle.com/news/2406-handwritten-draft-of-the-bible-discovered-proves-complete-work-of-fiction, https://beyondallreligion.net/2012/01/21/how-christianity-was-invented/.)


... And who gives his fellowman an illusion is his fellow man's not well-intentioned, either consciously or unconsciously. Thus, man fools his fellow human beings and overthrows them with a curse, with the church fiction of evil religious antiquity.


... So, "God Bless or " God Zegene" is one of the legions of Bullshit that was previously created by the church to win fellow human beings for their religious nonsense. But whoever respects others and believes in humanity and wants to give something, give something tangible or express a personal hope, instead of cracking out on the name of an insubstantial nonsense that relates to the great fairy tale book of the church . The same also applies to the imitators of the Bible 'Insha'Allah' literal meaning in Arabic; 'If God wants it'.


... The most fragile of the above is that the Arabs are honest and respectful to their God, unlike Christians. Because the Muslims say, "If Allah wants it," so they leave respectfulness of the blessing to their God, while the Christian world is so hypocritical and conceited by making themselves as equal to their fiction God and saying prematurely "God bless you” or (in dutch) “God Zegene U.” Thus, the Christian world has no respect for their God, therefore, they also have no respect for their fellow human beings and living nature. But even though Muslims respect their Allah, the fact remains that they, like the Christians, are disrespectful to each other and their fellow human beings and also towards the miraculous nature. And this applies to all religions.


... Committing religious belief in one way or another to others is a legal form of disrespect in relation to fellow human beings, and this has all religions in common. History has always proved that religions have never had respect for people who are thinking differently or for the religious teachings of their religious competitors.


... And this mutual disrespect is still clear worldwide, ultimately, every believer knows much better than his omniscient mediocre brother or sister. Thus, the inheritance of sin will continue as a religious curse in the ranks of godly humanity that will continue to hold on to the mind of the ignorant and conceited person ...


... And here in all this also applies to everybody, "Whoever fits the shoe attracts him." Fellow people who do not feel accustomed to the above-mentioned "God-blessed definition" are usually those who, despite the human shortcomings in their godliness, are honest and Peace-loving towards their otherwise minded fellow human beings. In addition, globally, there are a lot of believers who are in fact deep in their hearts unbelieving, but unfortunately they are spiritually imprisoned in their living environment, and socially forced to join the religious stream.


... Many religious unbelievers are required in their country and culture to maintain peace with the prevailing religious rule of law and therefore act as if, to make it easy for themselves and to increase their survival opportunities. This, because of danger to one's own life and that of their loved ones, because believing people are, in principle bad people, because those who do not share their truth can usually expect only misery, enmity, backwardness, mischief and falsity.And in those countries where other believers have no rights, the unwritten law states that the victim in the case of abuse by the religious order has to say "thank you."


About this all, the doctrine of Vishnuh says:


... We are not anti-god, because how can we be against something that does not exist and never has existed? But if there were such a God, then we would certainly be non-pro, considering the many crimes he has committed through his followers to humanity and living Nature. And whoever sees the truth of nature in his heart, but finds himself in the religious grip of his environment / family, and can not loosen himself, does not shame on this impotence, in which dependence, fear or limitation Social factors are part of his life. Therefore, keep in mind that the day will commence on which you can completely free yourself from this yoke.


But those who know the truth and are able to separate themselves from their religious environment, but do not do that, are the descendants who prefer to keep their fellow people short, backward and oppressed in their own interests and to serve as well As a cover of the established religions. These kind of people are the religious slaves whose fame and honor are among the former glory in which human rights violations are a part of their existence. These will undoubtedly be immersed in misery because their thinking is against the justice systems of living nature.


We, Vishnuïsts, are warriors and do not make us illusions, because we are living creatures of living nature and realize that nature is the only beneficial creator of all that was, of all that is and of all that will come.


... know and let know ....


... Nobody has become wise by chance, because wisdom does not come from the East, West, South or North, besides, wisdom is not related to the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita, Thora, Tripitaka, etc., but wisdom becomes Born of the one who is honest with himself and towards his fellow human beings.


... Despite the wisdom and shortcomings that human beings carry in general, they have every right of life, free speech and self-preservation, except those who oppress their fellow human beings according to their self-sanctified holy book and regard nature as their private possession .


... The world is from and for everyone that his fellow man wishes a healthy and good life, and living beings are the products of living nature, which is the creator of everything that is and was. And the universe, which includes nature is greater than all gods.


... Therefore, people of the world, stop continuing and passing on the false ancestral promises to your descendants, about paradise, Nirwana, Walhalla, Heaven and Hell, and let the so-called holy books, wich represent the evil from evil people, from now on Forever all belong to the past as nostalgia and nothing more. Look at the time of now and direct your vision of the future with responsibility for your fellow human beings by remaining in reality and pointing out the ignorant humanity to the reality of nature that includes life.

So .... Live and let live!



 On behalf of the Vishnuh-Society



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