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 ((True story.) The following pictures were taken at the time of a real action and reaction. As was once in Dokkum during a Pencak Silat-demonstration by the Vishnuh-Society Putuh R. de Fretes brutally attacked by a student of a Pukulan group there.


As you can see in the picture, the opponent was unceremoniously floored by a Putuh and could not move anymore. This is the result of disparagement and smear campaign against the Vishnuh-Society and its members by interested Eurasians and Indonesian sports masters, who because of their deep-seated cowardice remained studiously in the background, but sent their thoughtless students to us, which is that simply believed in their bravado..


The boy in the picture, which is on the ground in an unfortunate posture and no longer could move'll surely recognize himself when he sees these pictures. And this in the presence of many public that will remembered this day as the day of yesterday.  


Thus once again, "Pencak Silat-is not a sport. We prefer to avoid a confrontation, but we will go for nothing and for no one to step aside.  


The rights of these pictures are at the Vishnuh-Society because the young man who got a beating, attacked our member within our grounds. This young man was completely convinced of the lies by his Indo-supporters. "The agitator had better be able to think, rather than to make himself and his group ridiculous.
















*Official message: to whom it may concern


Those who the Gurubesar and Vishnuh-Society in recent times have deliberately thwarted will perish in self-destruction. The Vishnuh-Society advises all attackers who have committed against its member or members to slander and other underhanded behavior, on this the next ... "Get Dead or Bon voyage et long retour (Go and never come back)!"


Who does not understand the message or do not want to understand facilitated his own demise by "Nebiru". There escapes nothing to Nebiru, which does not allow impunity ignore the injustice, because it has a memory like an elephant. Nebiru's retaliatory actions always act with justice, in accordance with all prevailing laws of nature.


It is beneath contempt and very despicable to denigrating people on the basis of selfishness and envy, to intrigue or to undermine its goals using calibrated foreknowledge, knowing that "He" Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus silent as the grave because of his bound by oath of secrecy towards our community. Therefore he is, except to his supporters, no one else accountable.


Therefore, it is humanly quite normal that when misconduct against one of us, reprisals will follow, each gets his or her part; if this does not happen today, it happens tomorrow, the day of yesterday for offenders far from over.


Watch out; in general, people do a lot of guilt. It is usually the biggest racists who adopt foreign children or fully committed to Africa or other so-called charities in the third world countries. People who are supposedly tolerant and sweet busy mostly aim to bring the innocent public astray. They are very cunning and thought out, because in the meantime the needy become a God and religion pushed down their throats. These are often people and organizations that need to be kept constantly in mind, not everyone is to blame for this, but most of it!


Who in previous years, deliberately or at the instigation of any interested organization or designated individual has behaved unacceptably towards our chief must bear the consequences and do not go whinging when retribution is in place.


People and government, which in one way or another have gone outside to all kinds of injustices toward fellow human beings should not only enjoy the profits thereof, but must also be consistent to accept the aftermath of their cheek and criminal life opposite the injured. If the shoe fits, wear it without respect of person, because King (or Queen), Emperor and Admiral, they are all mortal.


We, members of the Vishnuh-Society worldwide, have under the moral law, the natural right to show our displeasure in accordance with law for truth and justice. People who convince others of something they themselves do not support, should not expect to be taken seriously by us. Malignancy will be rewarded with malice which shall occur in accordance with the laws of nature and specifically designed for those who are greedy and dishonest in spirit.


Our assessment states; "Who does not award another life, then you also have no right to life. God or Allah does not exist, nor Satan!


On behalf of the Vishnuh-Society..































Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus



  Maintain your own ways and leave mine manners to me ,

every person has the right of self-determination and self-preservation.




I am a man as everyone else.

Who are you that you think you can judge me.

My body can ravage and violate, but you never break my spirit.

I will choose, what is or what is not good for me; if I fall .. okay then I fall but I do get up likewise .

I have a right as a human being to live the way I want, because as an individual I have a right to self-determination and self-preservation.

Let me introduce my self-respect than I let you ..... Yours, provided you still have ....

But I let my enemies do not just run away, the old days has been.

I let them never committed, and leave them under no circumstances simply go unpunished, after which they, with their friends, have done to me.



By Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus

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