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1. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


... "Originally, before religions arose, the notions of Allah and God included the identification of Nature / Universe, in harmony, in peace, in unity and salvation for the nations who respected nature as she was.


Today, contrary to the above, the present concepts in all so-called holy scriptures include the curse that religious humanity experiences for the deformation of the aforementioned originality and for all that she has created in the detriment of nature. This is one of the main reasons why a curse rests on all religions.


... Thus, the expressions "God, Allah, Jahweh, etc." originated from the Universe, which were perpetrated by malicious people of all kinds of alloys thousands of years ago, and also represented as the creator of nature and the universe.


Then the religious humanity has chronicled the creation in its thinking, distorted by selfishness and then calibrated to oppression, used for genocide and moreover infested with all that goes against human nature to the detriment of all the Nature or the Universe has so far produced!


... This theft of nature's own things can not be left undisturbed so that the time and the right of nature to take revenge on the former thieves and their offspring, who continue and propagate this theft are already in full swing. This means the destruction of God-related humanity and in which the universe restores itself in its pure originality.


Allah, God and other gods are in their originality one and the same, just as Nature and the Universe are one unit.


... So God / Allah is not what the evil religious humanity ever made in their favor and according to its own street, but the concepts in question were adulterated by hypocritical humanity and expressed in its own mind that it only belongs to nature / the universe.


... As long as rehabilitation of the NATURE regarding "God and Allah" has not been made by religions as well as destruction of their scriptural fabrications, the curse of religious mankind will continue to rage until complete destruction of their values, norms and religious civilization.


... Nature has created everything with the instinctive tendency to conservation of the species with the aim of making life more pleasant for everyone and to survive in the earthly realities on this planet. Give back to nature what is nature, and leave everything to the Universe that belongs to the universe.


... Indeed ... God is great .... Allah is great, but this does not concern the God of the Bible or to Allah from the Qur'an and also appear in the so-called holy scriptures of other religions of the world. But the only dual unit, which is indeed great, is only the spirit of the Universe, which includes Nature."




 Peace is a matter of time, applied by the majority in a religious society to arbitrariness. Peace is thus not permanent, but always goes as far as the eye reaches. This is because peace and mutual unity in a religious society do not go together.


There are double divisions and distrusts in this world, both of which have been acquired by people who have placed themselves on a higher pedestal and are thus higher than others. Thus, the faithful humanity, like the unbelievers in this earthly life, has no faith in each other.



Thus says Vishnuh's teaching:


"Who trusts his own shadow is on the path of carelessness, because it could be the alleged shadow of the arch enemy. Do not put salt on all slag but always be careful. So do not be paranoia. Always keep the assurance of the uncertainty and never seduce yourself to the treason of the other, even if it is your worst enemy. But who has trusted his ex-enemy, has lost the battle for a long time. For righteous naturalists, the standard applies, "always trust those who are in your unity, equal mind and nature-bound, and nobody else, not those who deal with material. Let betrayal be upon those who have the intrusion of jealousy and treacherousness. The betrayal of the fellow man is the lowest of the poorest, and all that relates to this is the religious beliefs of the faithful humanity, related to their self-invented god. "


Whoever is in nature does not accept denunciation, nor for revenge for what the other has done to you. Revenge is a personal matter and may not be associated with betrayal. Furthermore, no one should betray for a reward nor for the legal system of the government or for anything. Let creatures, who are usually dealt with unfaithfulness, dip their own beans. Government, agencies, people seeking information about the other, should go for themselves by their made-God, who, according to the Bible, is omnipotent and omniscient.



Thus says Vishnuh's teaching:


"Who is pleasing for himself or for the other, based on personal revenge, should act according to the natural proposition" a thumb for a thumb, an ear for an ear, a scalp for a scalp "and should always be taciturned executed. In this all, do not ever fear for God, nor for the devil, because God and Satan do not exist and they do not betray anyone but are, in reality, righteous than their followers. Regarding silence, the gods are the most reliable. But "Always fear the eyes, the ears and the mouth of man. After the traitor has been completely silent, fear nothing and nobody else, because he / she is dead. 


... In general, no steps should be taken to endanger innocent people and for which you may regret it later. Never let anyone know that you are dissatisfied with what the other has done to you. Always dull down and always say "I'm sorry", even if you were not guilty of what happened causing you to be disadvantaged and awakened your displeasure. This, so that the suspicion does not fall upon you when that other is accidentally or materially compromised.


... Make it clear that everything is being won, so that the aggressor continues to misbehave, thereby losing sight of his prudence and weakness, thus making the justification for revenge on the person concerned reinforce the steps to be taken.


... Taking revenge on the other is as well as fighting an "unpleasant necessity" that nobody else is concerned with than you and the one who deserves his punishment. " It is high time that the elite, the government apparatus and the nobility in society, including officials, magistrates, commissioners, police, judges, teachers, mayor, king, etc., literally and figuratively with their Nose on the facts are printed."


 The so-called prominent people are in everyday life generally of the opinion that they are superior to the other by virtue of their legal position. These allow themselves to order, reprimand or accuse the others, by their self-confidential laws and rules, and should therefore be replaced. And if this does not go well, then badly, because they regularly abuse their dominant position unpunished. In due course, they must understand that many do not just let their action go about it, even though the despair of the oppressed is not noticeable by the oppressor.






Everyone has to know his place in this world and realize that every human being is central. Whoever does not respect his fellow human beings must also be punished, according to his scriptural interpretations, because the Bible says "who loves his fellow man must not save the rod, (Proverbs 13:24.)" So religious humanity loves other believers by not paying any respect. Do not have respect for the other, mean to love? So what applies to the one is also applicable to the inventor and its supporters. Then other thinking people may unleash religious humanity according to "Proverbs 13:24."


.... The same applies to the inventor and its supporters. If the government and the related agencies may punish the citizen for reasonable debt, this is also allowed by the citizen. Citizens also have the right under reasonable debt not to save the government the rod, and the related agencies, immunity loses its value. Right for one, Right for all. So not only in word, in writing or in imagination, but also physically.


.... A child is often corrected with a correction of the knee, but also the adult must also believe in it according to the person's Bible. This is the will of their God? And since believers are all goddessors, they should also follow the path of their Scriptural God, "who loves his children" does not save the rod. "This means believers may hurt and slaughter each other on behalf of their God.


... Read from this the so-called holy books of all world religions. For example, in the Bible, see Proverbs 13:24, which is inspired by everything that faithful humanity does not adhere to and never has ever loved. And because the believers never gave the good example, except when it was in their own street, they all fall into repetition and eventually end in their Hell, and the heaven, which does not exist, is a lost place for them.


And since there is no Scriptural God, someone will have to play for Scriptural God so that the texts in the Bible actually fulfill the purpose of protecting innocent humanity. This will bring peace to earth in which everyone will live in peace with each other. This can be accomplished through the mediation of an independent non-religious body of natural people who has the task of carrying out the aforementioned verses contained in the Bible on the followers of the inventors of the scriptures, "these are the evil believers", in favor of everyone.



Thus says Vishnuh's teaching:


"The unbelievers will inherit the heavens on earth, and the believers will keep the paradise in their self-made heaven."



The person who loves nature should learn from this that one person is not the other. Show satisfaction, happiness and stay true so that reprisal gives you satisfaction and justifies the natural sense of justice so that repentance after personal actions does not get any meaning. Someone has to rebuild the dirty work to protect the minority from humiliation and suppression against those who use the so-called holy scriptures to apply to innocent fellow human beings.


Be righteous in your social endeavor and let yourself be guided by the spirit of nature. Always act righteously in everything you do according to the natural representation regarding "right and truth make free" and not as used today "Lady Justitia is blind, so Law is Crooked."


... Justice is not expressed in laws or in state regulations, because the constitution is based on their fairy tale book, or the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita, Trpitaka, etc., whereby the legislature loves injustice in its actions and uses it arbitrarily and according to its own idea. Government's justice towards its nationals is by no means but only arbitrary repression in the name of democracy and sharia or what is understood below. For the Government and Justice, the standard is that "Law" is interpreted to its own discretion. "Therefore, never trust an official, even if he promises the people the golden calf, do not forget that the government is a master of political fraud to terminate their eyewitnesses in "too beautiful To be true. " 


So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Everyone has the right to free speech, self-preservation and self-defense. Everyone has the right to take his right in his own hands according to the statement of nature, containing, "That which you have done to me, I may also do with you, so that you can also feel what I felt by your doing." Anyone Has as much right, no one is more or less than the other."


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